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Nutrient Extracting – Day 4

7 Jan

Current Weight: 249.4

Cigarettes Smoked: 2

Well folks! I must say that it’s getting easier.  I still believe that the nutrition thing is easier than the smoking bit, but both are seeming a lot more do-able.  Stepped on the scale and wahoooo! Yup, 5lbs down in 4 days!  I haven’t even added exercise into the picture yet.  I’m still having a surge of energy…which can be quite annoying at times, especially when you want to sleep and can’t. I guess I can start being more productive now.

When people see me drinking my NutriBlasts, they typically ask me the same questions:

“What is that?…It’s green!” — Yes, it is green, it is a NutriBlast, kinda like  a healthy smoothie, and it’s good for you.

“What’s in it?” — Well that depends, my favorite blend at the moment seems to be combining about 1 1/2 cups of fresh spinach, 1 whole naval orange (peeled), a handful of frozen pineapple, 1/4 cup slivered almonds, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and then I fill the rest with water and blast away! It’s really yummy and tastes much like an orange creamscicle.

“So….that’s all you’re eating all day? Aren’t you hungry?” — Yes, I have a NutriBlast 3 times per day, drink plenty of water and unsweetened green tea in between.  I don’t typically get that hungry…I don’t really feel deprived and every  meal actually tastes like a treat.  LOL It may not look like it, since they’re all green, but they do taste good.  If I get hungry, then I can have another smoothie…since it’s all things that are good for me and I’m not consuming fats or refined, processed foods, I don’t have to count calories.  If I’m hungry, I get more, if not, then I just keep drinking water…it’s pretty simple.  I’ve never felt more nourished in my life.

“Don’t you miss chewing food?” — No, not really. I’m kind of lazy and I tend to look for ways NOT to have to do anything.  I go for convenience.  Sipping is convenient.  No cooking, no cleanup, no mess, and it’s portable. LOL

That’s usually how the questions go.  People tend to turn their noses up when they see me walking around with a green drink.  But when I am much more energetic and have lost 5 lbs in 4 days without even trying…who can deny that what I’m doing is good for me.  Bio-available nutrition is speaking for itself.  My cells are no longer starving, they are getting what they need, so now my body can release the fat and water it’s been saving for a rainy day.

As far as smoking cessation, I still couldn’t go completely without it today, but I’ll keep trying. What can I say?

For more information on bio-availability of nutrients, please visit http://www.eufic.org/article/en/artid/Nutrient-bioavailability-food/

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