Nutrient Extracting – Day 5 (My New Love – POM)

9 Jan

Current Weight: 249.6

Cigarettes Smoked: 1

Hello World! I ended up gaining 0.2lbs between yesterday and today. But I know better than to stress it.  Primarily, there is no reason to stress because you are not supposed to weigh yourself everyday anyway.  I am just doing it for blogging and documentation purposes.  Plus, because I am a self-proclaimed nerd, I like to log them on a special graph and it shows me my “true weight” taking into account daily fluctuations.  If you want a detailed explanation of how that all works, you can visit Hacker’s Diet for more information on how that process works but if you don’t need the gory details, the weight tracker on Calorie Count does the same thing as well as allows you track your nutrients and has a whole bunch of other resources that are out your disposal. Your weight fluctuations daily, even hourly — depending on what you are eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, etc.  Your muscles can even retain water after strenuous exercise.  So you will literally drive yourself insane if you try to weigh yourself everyday unless you are tracking it for the purpose of finding an overall trend line between your daily fluctuations (like I am). So I encourage you to do the reading, but I may blog about that in a more simplified way at a later date.


Moving on…Continuing with my NutriBlasting went great today! I am down to 1 cigarette in a day (which is great compared to 1/2 pack  per day just a week ago).  I’m still feeling great — I think my body likes actually being nourished! Not to mention, my energy during the day is soaring.  So I decided to try something new, aside from my traditional NutriBlast blends…I bought a couple of pomegranates because I had always heard that while messy, they are REALLY good for you.  I normally wouldn’t eat this fruit, but since we’re using the NutriBlast, I figured I’d give it a shot!

Pomegranate Pic

My new fave, the Superfood….the Pomegranate! – Image courtesy of

A little history about the POM

The pomegranate has been coined the ultimate superfood.  It is rich in B and C vitamins, iron, folic acid, and cancer and free radical fighting antioxidants.  The pomegranate actually has 3 times as much antioxidants than red wine or green tea.  You don’t eat the skin or the rind (or membrane) on the inside…instead, you eat the seeds.  Which are a little hard to release, but we’ll get into that in a second.  It has many health benefits.  Such benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Blood thinner, eases blood flow to the heart
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
  • Lowers risk of Cancers, primarily Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer
  • Reduces effects of Osteoarthritis
  • Combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) since it promotes blood flow
  • Fights cell damage due to free radical oxidation
  • Pomegranates are naturally anti-inflammatory in nature

As you can see, there are many health benefits of the POM.  Not to mention, oil can be made from the POM and it is great for your skin and hair as well.

Eating the POM

I had never eaten this fruit before and I’ve heard how messy it can be, so I went online how to get to the seeds the easiest and the cleanest way possible.  I found this YouTube video to be very helpful.

  1. Cut the ends of the pomegranate off (you will want to use a plastic cutting board because it will stain your countertops or wooden cutting boards)
  2. Scour the sides of the pomegranate all the way around
  3. Fill a bowl with water
  4. Put the pomegranate in the water
  5. Break the pomegranate apart along the scours you created
  6. Gently push the seeds out into the water
  7. Pull off the excess membrane from the water or use a strainer to remove it
  8. Strain the seeds and rinse.  You will be left with a beautiful bowl of pomegranate seeds.

These are great to eat by themselves or as toppings on your favorite foods or salads.  Some people suck the juice out of the seed and spit out the hard part of the seed.  That’s up to you but the hard part of the seed is beneficial as that is where all of the fiber resides.  Fiber is necessary to bind up toxins in your intestinal track and help you excrete them.  There are also many pomegranate recipes.

Creating My POM Juice

I wanted to create my own fresh pomegranate juice using my NutriBullet.  I emptied all of the pomegranate seeds into the large NutriBullet mixing cup.  I filled to the Max Line with water.  I blended until smooth.  The NutriBullet pulverized the coating of the seeds and released all of the juice and nutrients, making them bioavailable for absorption by the body.  There were a few of the small hard parts of the seed that were left in the juice (another YouTube video mentioned this) so we strained.  They were very tiny and there weren’t that many.  You can leave them in your mix if you want, then you will receive the added fiber benefits of the pomegranate seeds.  Or you can strain your mixture and pour into a cup to enjoy.  Either way, this juice was absolutely delicious and filled a 16 oz glass. I’m excited to add ice and possibly other fruits to the mix!

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3 Responses to “Nutrient Extracting – Day 5 (My New Love – POM)”

  1. Deana January 9, 2013 at 10:26 pm #

    I’m enjoying your blog Sisie! Keep up the good work, love you ❤

  2. Kelita January 17, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    It’s funny because I bought pomegranate just the other day, I haven’t had one since I was at home! Great post 🙂

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